Will Weed Give Your Workout a Boost?

New Study Shows that Marijuana Can Enhance Enjoyment of Workouts, but Does Not Improve Athletic Performance

Can marijuana enhance your workout?

News Picture: Will Weed Help Your Workout?

Oh, the age-old debate: toke or not toke before hitting the gym? 🏋️‍♀️ Well, according to a recent study published in the journal Sports Medicine, using marijuana can make your workout more enjoyable, but it won’t necessarily boost your athletic performance. Sorry, folks, no shortcut to the Olympics here.

A small group of runners were asked to exercise after using marijuana, and they reported experiencing a greater sense of enjoyment and an intense “runner’s high.” 🏃‍♀️ However, they also found the exercise to be more challenging when they were high on THC, the psychoactive compound in weed. So, it seems like cannabis can enhance the mood and pleasure of exercise, but it might make you feel like you’re running with weights on your ankles.

Now, before you get visions of a bunch of couch-dwelling stoners pumping iron or running marathons, let’s examine the details of the study. Researchers recruited 42 individuals who had previously combined marijuana and running. 🏃 They were divided into two groups—one that used cannabis with high levels of THC and another that used CBD-rich products, which don’t produce a high. The participants ran on a treadmill for 30 minutes, answering questions about their workout experience along the way.

The results? Across the board, participants reported enjoying their run more when they exercised after using cannabis. They claimed it increased their enjoyment, decreased pain, improved focus, boosted motivation, and even made time fly by. 🌬️ But here’s the twist: only 29% of them believed that weed actually improved their performance. So, while you may have a grand time working out with Mary Jane by your side, don’t expect to break any records.

Interestingly, the study found that CBD-heavy weed products had an even greater impact on heightening mood than THC, suggesting that the benefits of marijuana for exercise don’t necessarily come from getting stoned. 🌿 And here’s another tidbit: participants who used THC reported that running felt significantly harder, possibly due to the increased heart rate caused by the compound. So, if you want to run like the wind, put the joint down.

But why does weed make exercise more enjoyable in the first place? Well, it turns out that the CBD or THC in marijuana affects the same receptors as naturally occurring brain chemicals called endogenous cannabinoids. These chemicals are released after a good sweat sesh, giving you that oh-so-satisfying “runner’s high.” 🏞️ So, by using weed, you might be able to tap into that endorphin rush with a shorter workout or amplify it during a longer one. Talk about a green boost!

However, let’s not forget the potential downsides. Using marijuana can make you feel dizzy or mess with your balance, making you more prone to stumbling or falling during your workout. Safety first, my friends! And while the study focused on runners, it’s worth noting that these effects could potentially extend to other types of exercise as well.

So, should you give the ganja a go before hitting the gym? Well, it’s still early days in terms of research, and the marijuana-fitness connection is far from being endorsed by all health professionals. But hey, if it gets sedentary folks off the couch and moving their bodies, it’s at least worth exploring, right? 🌬️🏋️‍♂️


Q: Does smoking weed before working out enhance athletic performance?
A: Nope, sorry to burst your bubble. While marijuana might make your workout more enjoyable, it won’t give you any magical performance-boosting powers. You might feel more motivated and pain-free, but don’t expect to shatter any world records.

Q: Which is better for exercising, THC or CBD?
A: Surprisingly, CBD seems to have a greater impact on improving mood and enjoyment during exercise compared to THC. CBD-rich products don’t produce a high and may provide the same benefits without any psychoactive effects. So, it seems you can get a natural high without the intoxication.

Q: Can using weed make me more prone to injuries during exercise?
A: Yes, it’s possible. Marijuana can cause dizziness or problems with balance, increasing the risk of accidents or falls during your workout. So be careful and consider whether the potential risks outweigh the benefits for you.

Q: Are the effects of weed on exercise limited to running?
A: The study focused on running, but it’s possible that the effects could extend to other types of exercise as well. However, more research is needed to fully understand how marijuana might impact activities like weightlifting, yoga, or cycling.

Q: Can using marijuana help sedentary people start exercising?
A: While it’s too early to make broad recommendations, using marijuana might help motivate sedentary individuals to adopt a regular exercise regimen. However, it’s crucial to consider the potential risks and individual preferences before incorporating weed into your fitness routine.

For more information on weed and exercise performance, check out the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

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