Suzanne Somers’ breast cancer returns.

Suzanne Somers' breast cancer returns.

Suzanne Somers Battling Breast Cancer Again: How Her Chemical-free Lifestyle Plays a Role

Actress Suzanne Somers, who first battled breast cancer in her 50s, announced on Instagram this week that the disease recently returned. At 76 years old, Somers has been fighting cancer for decades. However, she attributes her ability to overcome it to her chemical-free and organic lifestyle.

“I had breast cancer two decades ago, and every now and then it pops up again, and I continue to bat it down. I have used the best alternative and conventional treatments to combat it. This is not new territory for me. I know how to put on my battle gear and I’m a fighter,” Somers confidently stated.

Known for her roles in TV’s “Three’s Company” and “Step by Step,” Somers has faced other cancer battles in the past, including skin cancer in her 30s. Throughout her journey, her husband, Alan Hamel, has stood by her side and provided invaluable support.

“Alan has been by my side every step of the way. I can’t even explain how much he has done for me. If it’s even possible, we are even closer than ever,” Somers shared on Instagram, expressing her gratitude for her supportive family.

This time, Somers’ cancer diagnosis has prompted her to pause her weekly Facebook show and other work ventures to prioritize her health. Her husband, Hamel, stated, “she has now dealt with her cancer once again. On June 6, she got an all-clear, but cancer is tricky, and we will now closely monitor everything going forward.”

Somers’ approach to health and aging has been unconventional, which she openly acknowledges. In a 2017 interview with Entertainment Tonight, she revealed that she takes about 60 vitamins a day and does not rely on any medication.

“I don’t have a medicine cabinet. Neither of us do,” she said, referring to both herself and her husband. “I don’t say that I’m doing it the right way, but there are two ways to do this whole thing about health and aging, so I’m doing it that way.”

According to Somers, her doctors have endorsed her chemical-free lifestyle, supported by bio-identical hormones, as a key factor in her survival. She passionately stated, “My doctors said that if I didn’t lead a chemical-free life, supported by bio-identical hormones, I would not likely be here today.”

While Somers has received adoring support from her fans, her unconventional cancer treatments and protocols have faced criticism from the medical community and the American Cancer Society. Despite this, she remains grateful for the love and well wishes she has received.

In her Instagram post, the actress concluded with heartfelt words, “I am so grateful to all my fans for all the loving wishes. That means so much to me. God Bless America.”

The journey Suzanne Somers is navigating serves as a reminder that there are multiple paths to health and healing. While her approach may not align with traditional medical practices, her story emphasizes the value of personal choice and finding what works for each individual.

The battle against cancer is never easy, but Somers’ resilience and determination showcase the power of the human spirit. As she continues to overcome challenges, her journey becomes an inspiration for others facing similar battles.


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