Title: Psoriasis Treatment 2.0: A Journey to Clearer Skin

Embracing My Skin Finding Comfort with Psoriasis

Psoriasis Embracing My Skin

Psoriasis treatment has come a long way. New medications like biologics have revolutionized the path to clearer skin. But let’s face it, finding the right treatment is like searching for a needle in a haystack. What works for one person won’t always help someone else. It’s like trying to fit into your friend’s jeans – it might work for them, but you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. Psoriasis is a complicated beast, and it takes time, experimentation, and a touch of resilience to find what works best for you.

One Biologic After Another

Picture this: Tami Seretti, a psoriasis warrior, back in 1996. Doctors were still treating psoriasis like a superficial skin condition. Topical treatments were all the rage. But Tami’s experience with these treatments was like a bad blind date. She tried a corticosteroid oil which left her hairless and her bed sheets stained. She experimented with a variety of greasy lotions, each one more questionable than the last.

Then came the age of disease-modifying drugs and biologics – the superheroes in the battle against psoriasis. Tami has tried many of them, like a fearless explorer facing the unknown. One biologic stood out and worked wonders, turning her into a believer. But like the twist in a Hollywood movie, it stopped working abruptly, leaving her in despair. Thankfully, another medication came to her rescue, whisking away 65% of her psoriasis, just like a magic wand.

To enhance the powers of these medications, Tami also uses two topicals – a cream and a scalp solution. And if that’s not enough, she wields an ultraviolet B (UVB) light wand, turning her bathroom into a secret lair. Lastly, she indulges in the soothing embrace of an Epsom salts bath, melting away her stress and scales. All this effort has paid off, as Tami can now confidently strut in sandals, sleeveless tops, and shorts like a sun-kissed goddess.

Medication and Stress Relief

Melissa Withem-Voss experienced a peculiar itchy patch on the back of her head, but she brushed it off as stress. Little did she know that psoriasis was about to become her uninvited guest. After years of trying various medications, she finally found a biologic that worked like a charm. It was as if the heavens had parted, and the sky rained clear skin.

But alas, the fairytale had an unexpected twist. The biologic eventually lost its power, leaving Melissa to seek a new hero. Now, she’s just embarked on a journey with a different biologic. Will this be the chosen one to fight her psoriasis demons? Only time will tell.

Melissa, being a culinary maestro, couldn’t resist experimenting in the kitchen. She discovered that eliminating bread and sugar from her diet helped tame her unruly skin. It’s like finding the perfect recipe for a delicious life without flakes. But it’s not just about what’s on the plate – it’s about what’s in the mind. Melissa practices the art of meditation, a half-hour of pure zen before bed, to keep stress at bay. This tranquil ritual brings balance to her life, like adding seasoning to a tasty dish.

Through her psoriasis journey, Melissa has learned the art of acceptance. Gone are the days of hiding and covering up. She’s come to terms with her condition, embracing it like a warrior with battle scars. Now she’s a shining example of self-acceptance, with an armor of 90% confidence.

Elimination Diet: Chasing Away Psoriasis One Bite at a Time

Imagine Jessica Lorion, an aspiring actress in the depths of New York City. She spots mysterious spots on her legs and stomach, assuming they’re bedbug bites. But life had its own script for her – it was psoriasis, the uninvited guest of honor. She ventured into the world of treatments, starting with a steroid ointment. But her skin had other plans. It craved something more powerful – a biologic.

After the biologic’s six-month cameo, her psoriasis made a dramatic exit. But as time passed, Jessica faced a new challenge – psoriatic arthritis. While her doctor suggested a pregnancy-safe biologic, Jessica was hesitant. Those commercials, with their long list of side effects, whispered doubts into her ear.

Jessica decided to play the role of detective and delved into the world of food. She embarked on an elimination diet, determined to strengthen her body from within. For 30 days, she followed a strict regimen, bidding farewell to gluten, dairy, caffeine, grains, and everything remotely processed. Then came the grand reintroduction of foods, as if she was reuniting with long-lost friends. Today, she avoids gluten, dairy, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods like they’re paparazzi lurking in the bushes.

Jessica’s dedication to her diet allowed her to decrease her medications. Now, her psoriasis takes up only a small part of her skin, like a fading cameo appearance. Her journey inspired her to start a podcast called Mamas in Training, a platform for autoimmune warriors to share their stories and support each other. With each episode, she steps into a role that she was destined to play – the voice of encouragement.

Medication – and a Strong Support System

Step into Vickie Wilkerson’s hiking boots and travel back 18 years ago. She mistook her first psoriasis patch for poison ivy, opening the door to a world of skin maladies. At that time, topicals ruled the land, and Vickie had intimate encounters with coal tar – a smelly, greasy nightmare that could ruin clothes faster than a paintball war.

Her psoriasis spread like wildfire, leading her to the land of methotrexate. But the side effects left her weaker than a dandelion in a storm. Undeterred, Vickie turned to biologics, hopping from one to another like a frog leaping across lily pads. After years of searching, she finally found her holy grail biologic, which slashed through her psoriasis like a brave knight.

To complement her medication, Vickie watches her diet closely, treating her body like a temple. And when stress threatens to sneak in, she turns to music, finding solace in calming melodies. But her secret weapon is her support system. Her husband, children, and the National Psoriasis Foundation are her pillars of strength. They understand her struggles and provide a fortress of empathy, offering her comfort when the world feels overwhelming.


Psoriasis treatment is like a thrilling adventure, with its ups and downs, victories and defeats. It’s discovering what makes your skin sing and embracing the quirks of your unique journey. Remember that you’re not alone in this battle. Other warriors have walked the path before you, leaving a trail of hope. So put on your armor and face psoriasis head-on – a journey to clearer skin awaits you! Keep fighting and never forget to laugh along the way, as humor is the cherry on top of this challenging sundae.

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