Not Enough Arms Rolling Up for the Updated COVID Vaccine

Only 7% of American Adults Have Received the Latest COVID Vaccine Update

News Picture: Just 7% of U.S. Adults Have Gotten Updated COVID Vaccine

Only 7% of US adults have received the updated COVID vaccine.

Oh, you gotta be kiddin’ me! The updated COVID-19 vaccine is getting the cold shoulder from Americans. According to a nationwide survey conducted two weeks ago, a measly 7% of adults and a paltry 2% of children in the United States have taken the leap and received the new vaccine. Talk about a sorry turnout!

This revelation left health experts scratching their heads in disbelief. They gathered at a meeting held by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only to be hit with this disappointing data. Dr. Camille Kotton of Harvard Medical School didn’t sugarcoat it either. She called the numbers “abysmal” and basically yelled, “We need to do better, people!”

But wait, there’s more! The survey also found that nearly 40% of respondents said they “probably” or “definitely would not” get the updated shot. And get this – parents are not planning to vaccinate their kids either. What’s going on here?

Dr. Kotton suggested that confusion might have taken hold of patients. Can’t say I blame them. I mean, we’ve been bombarded with vaccines for the past 2-1/2 years, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. And just when we thought we were getting a breather, here comes the new kid on the block – XBB.1.5, a highly contagious descendant of the Omicron variant. Talk about bad timing!

Dr. David Kimberlin from the University of Alabama at Birmingham is just as concerned as Dr. Kotton. He’s scratching his head, wondering why the recommendations aren’t sinking in. Are people just not paying attention?

Well, the blame game has already started. Some Americans are pointing fingers at the government for transitioning to a commercialized system, where the health care industry takes charge of distributing the shots. Doctors and pharmacies are running low on supplies and folks are left hanging. Not cool, guys!

Despite the drop in virus-related deaths and hospitalizations, we’re not out of the woods yet. Around 18,000 people are still being hospitalized with COVID every week, and the grim reaper claims the lives of 1,200 of our fellow humans during the same time frame. These numbers should give us pause and remind us that this battle is far from over.

So, let me break it down for you – the new vaccine is the real deal. It’s recommended for everyone aged 6 months and older. We need to get our act together and spread the word like wildfire. And hey, if you’re pulling your hair out trying to find a vaccination site, don’t fret. The CDC’s got your back. They’ve got all the deets on where to go on their website.

Come on, folks! Let’s show this virus who’s boss. Roll up those sleeves and let’s get jabbing!

Source: Associated Press, Oct. 26, 2023