The Nolah Original 10 Mattress: A Unique and Affordable Option for Side Sleepers

What sets Nolah's flagship mattress apart and how does it compare to other options?

2024 review of Nolah Original 10 Mattress Perfect for side sleepers with a unique feel.

Do you struggle to find the perfect mattress that supports your preferred sleep position? Look no further than the Nolah Original 10 mattress! This three-layer all-foam mattress is a game-changer, especially for side sleepers. In this article, we will dive deep into the construction, feel, performance, and pricing of the Nolah Original 10, while also comparing it to other similar mattresses in the market.

🌟 The Nolah Original 10: A Brief Introduction

The Nolah Original 10 is the first mattress ever offered by Nolah. With its classic three-layer all-foam design, it competes with other popular brands such as Casper and Leesa. But what makes it stand out from the crowd? Let’s find out!

🎥 First Impressions of the Nolah Original 10

In my six years of testing mattresses, I have unboxed three different versions of the Nolah Original 10. While the foam layers have remained the same across all models, the cover design has significantly changed. The latest iteration of the cover gives the mattress a more premium look that matches the Nolah Original Hybrid. But here’s the catch: the fundamentals of the mattress haven’t changed beneath the cover. It still has an interesting, hard-to-pin-down feel and a slightly softer than medium firmness profile.

💡 Nolah Original 10 Policies

Before you jump into purchasing the Nolah Original 10, it’s essential to understand the policies that come with it. Here are a few key points:

✈️ Free Shipping

Nolah offers free shipping to the contiguous United States. The mattress arrives right at your door in a compact box, ready for unboxing. While unboxing can be a fun process, I recommend having a helping hand, especially for larger sizes like queen and king.

⏱️ 120-Night Trial

Nolah provides customers with a generous 120-night in-home trial period. However, they recommend trying the mattress for at least 30 nights before initiating a return. This allows your body to adjust to the new bed and ensures a fair assessment of its suitability for you. Interestingly, if you are confident that you’ll love the mattress from Nolah, you have the option to waive the trial period and save an additional $75 on your purchase.

🔙 Return Policy

If the Nolah Original 10 doesn’t meet your expectations within the trial period, you can return it and get a refund. However, unlike most brands, Nolah charges a return fee of $99, which will be deducted from your refund. The return fee is to offset the cost of the mattress pickup process.

📜 Warranty

Nolah goes above and beyond by offering a lifetime warranty on the Nolah Original 10. While it is a tiered warranty with more protection in the initial years, a lifetime warranty shows Nolah’s confidence in the quality and durability of their mattresses.

🔧 Construction and Feel of the Nolah Original 10

The Nolah Original 10 boasts a three-layer foam construction. The support layer consists of a 7-inch layer of dense foam, providing excellent stability without the need for coils. Just above the support foam is a 1-inch transition layer called “CoreComfort” support foam. This layer acts as a bridge between the support layer and the primary comfort layer, which is a 2-inch thick layer of Nolah’s proprietary “AirFoam.”

The AirFoam top layer has a similar feel to classic memory foam, but with better responsiveness. When you lie down on it, you’ll experience a slight sink that conforms to your body shape. However, unlike traditional memory foam, it quickly snaps back into shape once pressure is removed, avoiding the “stuck in the mud” feeling.

The combination of the AirFoam layer and the transition layer gives the Nolah Original 10 a unique mixed or blended foam feel. It is incredibly comfortable and ideal for those who prefer the idea of memory foam but have had negative experiences with regular memory foam mattresses.

It’s important to note that Nolah also offers a “hybrid” version of the Nolah Original 10. This hybrid foam version uses different foam layers for support to mimic the added bounce of a coil mattress. While it may sound appealing, I generally recommend sticking with the base model or considering Nolah’s true hybrid offerings. The hybrid foam version compromises motion isolation and durability, which are two benefits of all-foam beds.

💤 Nolah Original 10 Firmness and Sleeper Types

Based on our testing process, we found the Nolah Original 10 to be just shy of a medium on the firmness scale, specifically between a medium and medium-soft (3 to 5 out of 10). This places the mattress in the sweet spot for side sleepers and combination sleepers who favor their side.

Side sleepers require slightly softer mattresses as they need pressure relief on their hips and shoulders. Firm beds can lead to hip and shoulder pain over time and negatively impact spinal alignment. But keep in mind that firmness is subjective and can vary based on body weight. For average-sized individuals, the Nolah Original 10 offers excellent comfort for side sleeping.

If you are a back or stomach sleeper, I would recommend looking for something firmer. The Nolah Original 10 may be too soft for these sleep positions, potentially causing or exacerbating back pain.

🏆 Nolah Original 10 Performance

When analyzing the performance of the Nolah Original 10, we focused on three key aspects: edge support, motion isolation, and temperature regulation.

🔐 Edge Support

The Nolah Original 10 does not have additional edge support reinforcement along the borders, but during our testing, we found the edge support to be satisfactory. While there may be a slight roll-off sensation after prolonged use, it is still adequate for most sleepers.

🌬️ Motion Isolation

Thanks to its all-foam design, the Nolah Original 10 excels at motion isolation. If you are a light sleeper sharing a bed, this mattress will help minimize disturbances caused by your partner’s movement.

🌡️ Temperature Regulation

The Nolah Original 10 falls into the temperature-neutral category. While it doesn’t have active cooling features like the Nolah Evolution Hybrid, the foam layers are breathable. The tencel fiber cover helps wick away moisture, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment.

It’s worth mentioning that sleeping temperature is impacted more by the overall sleeping environment than just the mattress itself. Luckily, most modern mattresses are designed to minimize heat retention.

💰 Nolah Original 10 Mattress Pricing

Now let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic: pricing! The Nolah Original 10 follows the mattress brand model of setting high retail prices and offering frequent discounts throughout the year. Retail prices may seem steep initially, but once you factor in discounts, the Nolah Original 10 becomes an affordable option, usually priced below $1,000 for a queen size mattress. As a bonus, Nolah often includes two free pillows with any mattress purchase.

It’s essential to check our mattress deals page for up-to-date pricing and discounts on the Nolah Original 10, as mattress pricing can change rapidly. We strive to provide you with the most accurate information.

🎯 Final Verdict

After thoroughly analyzing the Nolah Original 10, we have found that it fits perfectly in the online mattress landscape. Its unique three-layer foam design, blended feel, and slightly softer firmness make it an excellent option for side sleepers in search of relief from pressure points. Not to mention its affordable price point, making it an attractive choice for those on a budget.

🛌 Other Mattresses from Nolah

Nolah offers a range of mattresses to suit various preferences. Let’s explore two other notable options:

🌟 Nolah Signature 12

The Nolah Signature 12 is similar to the Nolah Original 10 but with additional layers for increased plushness. It provides exceptional pressure relief and is a top pick for strict side sleepers who require ample cushioning.

🌟 Nolah Evolution 15

The Nolah Evolution 15, the main hybrid option from Nolah, features a luxurious pillow-top design that provides a “hotel-style” comfort. With three different firmness options, this mattress works well for sleepers of all positions.

🌟 Nolah Natural 11

For those looking for eco-friendly options, the Nolah Natural 11 is a perfect choice. It replaces the AirFoam layer with natural latex foam and incorporates coils for support. With its responsive latex feel and organic materials, it offers a unique sleeping experience.

🤔 How Does the Nolah Original 10 Compare to Similar Mattresses?

Let’s compare the Nolah Original 10 with a couple of popular options in the market:

🔄 Nolah Original 10 vs. Nectar

The Nectar mattress, known for its classic memory foam feel and affordability, can be closely compared to the Nolah Original 10. While both use three layers of foam, Nectar is slightly thicker and firmer. The Nolah Original 10 offers a blended foam feel and is softer, making it a better choice for side sleepers.

🔄 Nolah Original 10 vs. Casper Original

The Casper Original, another popular mattress, features a soft-foam feel and a medium firmness profile. The Nolah Original 10 is slightly thinner and has a distinct blended foam feel with memory foam characteristics. It cateres to the needs of side sleepers more effectively.

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