Double-Lung Transplant and Breast Implants: The Unlikely Duo that Saved Davey’s Life

Successful Double-Lung Transplant and Breast Implants Rescue Man from Life-Threatening Vaping-Related Illness

Man’s Life Saved by Double-Lung Transplant & Breast Implants after Battling Vaping-Linked Illness


Davey Bauer, a man in his thirties, found himself teetering on the brink of death. His lungs were battered from vaping and ravaged by pneumonia that was resistant to antibiotics. But doctors pulled off a miraculous feat and saved his life using an amalgamation of innovative medical techniques. This included a makeshift artificial lung, a prompt double-lung transplant, and believe it or not, a pair of DD breast implants. Yes, you read that right.

Davey’s lungs were in such a dire state that they were on the brink of turning into liquid. In fact, his X-ray barely showed any sign of functioning lungs — they were completely filled with pus. To keep his heart from collapsing after removing the infected lungs, the medical team had to get creative. And that’s where the DD breast implants came into play.

Now, you might be wondering how a pair of breast implants could possibly support someone’s heart. Well, Davey’s surgical team at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago came up with a groundbreaking strategy. They would remove his infected lungs and replace them with an engineered “artificial lung” to ensure oxygen flow to his brain and organs. And during this interim period, the breast implants would provide the necessary support for his heart.

Who would have thought that breast implants would play a role in a life-saving procedure? But that’s the genius of the medical team at Northwestern Medicine. As Dr. Ankit Bharat, chief of thoracic surgery at the institute, humorously stated, “I never imagined we’d be using DD breast implants to help bridge a patient to lung transplantation, but our team is known for taking on the most difficult cases and thinking outside the box to save lives.”

Davey’s journey to recovery was anything but ordinary. It all started when he developed a severe lung infection after battling the flu. Despite initially thinking that vaping was a healthier alternative to smoking, Davey soon realized that it was equally addictive. Eventually, his shortness of breath escalated, and he was admitted to a hospital in St. Louis.

As his condition continued to deteriorate, it became clear that a double-lung transplant was his only hope. However, his ongoing infection made transportation and transplantation risky. The medical team decided to remove Davey’s infected lungs and replace them with the artificial lung and breast implants, which would buy him time until the availability of compatible donor lungs.

To make this unprecedented procedure possible, the surgeons had to get up to speed on different types, shapes, and sizes of breast implants. After careful consideration, they chose the DD option, as it provided the best fit inside Davey’s chest. The infected lungs were successfully removed, and Davey’s body began clearing the infection without any lungs — a truly remarkable feat.

Within a day, Davey was put on the waiting list for a lung transplant. And miraculously, a suitable set of donor lungs became available within 24 hours. On May 28, the breast implants were removed, and the new lungs were transplanted. After several months of recovery in the intensive care unit, Davey was finally discharged for rehabilitation in late September.

Throughout this awe-inspiring journey, Davey’s strength and resilience shone through. His girlfriend, Susan Gore, described her amazement at witnessing him breathe, with his blood pumping, despite the absence of lungs. She admitted to taking a breath in for herself and then one for Davey, still finding it hard to believe that he managed to survive without lungs.

Davey, now affectionately known as “DD Davey,” is quick to attribute his near-fatal illness to his years of smoking and vaping. Although there isn’t conclusive evidence linking his condition directly to vaping, doctors are certain that vaping causes lung injuries. Reflecting on his experience, Davey hopes that his story will serve as a cautionary tale and inspire others to quit smoking and vaping. He doesn’t want anyone else to endure the challenging journey he went through.

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