Zap Fatigue with Low-fat Diets A Refreshing Strategy for MS Warriors

Combatting Fatigue in MS Patients The Benefits of Low-Fat Diets

News Picture: Low-fat Diets Battle Fatigue for Folks With MS

A Delicious Solution to MS Fatigue

TUESDAY, November 14, 2023 — Attention, fatigue-ridden warriors battling multiple sclerosis (MS)! Researchers have discovered a powerful weapon that can battle the relentless fatigue that often accompanies this condition: a low-fat diet.

According to study leader Dr. Vijayshree Yadav, director of the Multiple Sclerosis Center at Oregon Health & Science University, “A low-fat diet can truly make a difference in a patient’s fatigue level, even without going so far as to make it a vegan diet.” The results of this groundbreaking study, published online in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal, confirm the importance of diet in managing fatigue, especially for individuals with MS.

Fatigue is no laughing matter, especially for these brave warriors in the battle against MS. Unfortunately, there is no FDA-approved drug for fatigue, leaving these warriors in desperate need of relief. However, this study offers new hope.

The study included 39 participants with MS who experienced fatigue. Compared to a control group, 20 participants followed a low-fat diet after receiving nutrition counseling. Routine blood tests confirmed their compliance with the diet, showing clear signs of reduced calorie intake. Remarkably, participants who followed the low-fat diet experienced significant improvements in fatigue levels, as measured on a standard scale. They reported enhanced concentration and improved ability to carry out physical activities.

Unlike a previous plant-based diet study conducted in 2016, this new low-fat regimen did include meat. So, MS warriors can enjoy a variety of delicious meals while reaping the benefits of reduced fatigue.

Dr. Yadav noted, “You cannot really fudge the biomarkers.” In other words, the evidence speaks for itself, ensuring the credibility of this remarkable dietary intervention.

Interested in managing your MS symptoms through diet? Check out the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for more information.

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Source: Oregon Health & Science University, news release, November 9, 2023