FDA Takes a Stand Against Vape Products That Tempt Our Youngsters

FDA Takes Action Against Vape Products Targeting Children Through Toy and Slushie Imitation

FDA targets vape products appealing to kids that imitate toys and slushies.

News Picture: FDA Moves Against Vape Products That Mimic Toys, Slushies and Appeal to Kids

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to kids and vaping. They recently slapped seven online retailers on the wrist with warning letters for selling e-cigarettes that cleverly resemble everyday items like drink containers, toys, and even phones.

Imagine a kid innocently sipping from their concealed e-cigarette milk carton or discreetly puffing away on their soda bottle vape. It’s enough to make you spill your coffee. These craftily designed products not only appeal to young people but also create the perfect camouflage, making it easier for them to hide their nicotine habits from adults.

But it gets worse. The FDA also sees a potential danger for young children mistaking these vape gadgets for regular everyday objects, like toys or even phone chargers, and accidentally ingesting them. Talk about a deadly game of hide and seek!

Brian King, director of FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, warns that these sneaky products can contain nicotine, which is not only highly addictive but can also harm the developing adolescent brain. So, parents, teachers, and other adults, be on the lookout for these vaping wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s crucial to stay informed and protect our youth from these harmful temptations.


The FDA’s warning letters specifically call out unauthorized products that mimic youth-appealing drinks, including milk cartons, soda bottles, convenience store slushies, and even children’s sippy cups. But it doesn’t stop there. Some vaping devices are cleverly disguised as dice, phones, or action figures.

Surprisingly, e-cigarettes have become the go-to tobacco product for both high school and middle school students for the past ten years! More than 2.1 million young people were guilty of vaping in 2023—that’s enough smoke to fill a concert hall!

While there has been some progress in combating e-cigarette use among high school students, with a decline since 2022, the overall tobacco product usage, which includes vaping, has increased among middle school students.

Ann Simoneau, director of the Office of Compliance and Enforcement within the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, states that the FDA keeps an eagle eye on the e-cigarette landscape, continually monitoring emerging threats to public health. It’s a never-ending game of cat and mouse, except it’s more like nicotine and teens.


The FDA makes it perfectly clear that the retailers receiving these warning letters are selling or distributing e-cigarettes without the agency’s authorization. This is a big no-no! The seven retailers have been given a mere 15 working days to respond with a plan to correct their violations and ensure they never happen again. No pressure, right? But failure to respond could lead to injunctions, seizures, and even civil money penalties. Talk about a vape slap!

To date, the FDA has issued a whopping 630 warning letters related to manufacturing or distributing vaping products and devices. Additionally, more than 400 warning letters have been sent to retailers daring to sell unauthorized e-cigarettes. The FDA means business! In fact, they have filed civil money penalty complaints against 35 manufacturers and 42 retailers caught red-handed with unauthorized vaping products. And if that wasn’t enough, the agency is also working alongside the Department of Justice to seek injunctions against six manufacturers. That’s a hefty media buzz!

More Information

Are you curious to see what these sneaky vaping products look like? You’re in luck! The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has compiled warning letters to these e-cigarette companies. We’re talking milk cartons, dice, and action figures that would make your head spin!

What This Means for You

Parents and educators, it’s time to get informed! Vaping devices are masquerading as innocuous everyday items, like drink containers, phones, and even toys. Keep your eyes peeled and be vigilant, protecting our young ones from these cunning vaping tricks.


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