Beware of the Cantaloupe-pocalypse!

CDC Warns to Avoid Unknown Brands of Cantaloupes Amidst Widening Salmonella Outbreak

News Picture: As Salmonella Outbreak Widens, Avoid Cantaloupes if Brand Is Unknown, CDC Warns

CDC warns Avoid cantaloupes if brand is unknown as Salmonella outbreak spreads.

Hey there, folks! Have you heard about the latest fruit frenzy that’s sweeping the nation? It seems like innocent cantaloupes have gone rogue, causing a salmonella outbreak that’s spreading like wildfire. It’s a real fruity feud out there! 😱

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), things have taken a turn for the worse. Eighteen more cases of illness have been reported since November 24th, and the list of stores selling recalled cantaloupe is growing faster than a melon in the sun. So, if you come across any pre-cut cantaloupe with an unknown brand, do yourself a flavor favor and stay away. Trust me, you don’t want to be part of this juicy drama. 🙅‍♀️

Since this cantaloupe catastrophe started on November 14th, there have already been two deaths and over a hundred cases of illness in 34 states. Yikes! According to the CDC, the actual number of people affected is probably way higher because, let’s face it, not everyone seeks medical care or gets tested for salmonella. Plus, there may still be more unreported cases waiting to emerge. It’s like a hidden epidemic of fruit-fueled chaos! 😱

Now, some might say, “Come on, it’s just cantaloupe!”, but the CDC wants you to know that this is no joke. The illness caused by this outbreak is no fruity walk in the park. More than half of the people affected have been hospitalized, and it’s even reached long-term care facilities and childcare centers. So, save yourself the trouble and don’t mess with these melons, okay? 🙅‍♂️

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the CDC has expanded the recall to include pre-cut cantaloupe sold at major grocery stores like Kroger, Trader Joe’s, and Sprouts Farmers Market. That’s right, these stores have been caught up in this melon madness. But wait, there’s more! You should also avoid pre-cut cantaloupe from Aldi, Kwik Trip, Freshness Guaranteed, RaceTrac, Vinyard, and Bix Produce. Consider them the rotten apples of the cantaloupe world. 😬

So, what should you do if you happen to have one of these wild cantaloupes in your possession? Well, the CDC recommends either throwing it away or returning it to the store for a refund. But don’t stop there! After handling any of the recalled fruit, make sure to wash your hands and wash any utensils and surfaces that may have come into contact with the cantaloupe. Cleanliness is next to melon-ness, my friends! 🚿

Now, you might be wondering, what are the symptoms of salmonella? Well, brace yourselves, because they can be quite a pain in the butt. Symptoms typically include diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps. Not exactly a picnic, huh? These lovely symptoms can kick in anywhere from six hours to six days after munching on contaminated food. If you experience any of the following severe symptoms, it’s time to dial your doctor’s number pronto:

  • Diarrhea accompanied by a fever higher than 102°. Talk about a hot mess!

  • Diarrhea that sticks around for more than three days without any sign of improvement. It’s like a never-ending bathroom battle!

  • Bloody diarrhea. Yikes, that sounds more like a horror movie than a bathroom incident!

  • So much vomiting that you can’t even keep liquids down. It’s like the ultimate fruit fight!

  • Not peeing much. We all want good hydration, so this is definitely not a good sign.

  • Dry mouth and throat. They say a watched pot never boils, but a dehydrated mouth definitely does!

  • Feeling dizzy when you stand up. It’s like doing the fruit hokey pokey but feeling lightheaded instead of having fun. 🍇🍈🍉

So, my dear readers, I hope you take this cantaloupe crisis seriously. Let’s not let these rebellious fruits ruin our day. Stay safe, stay away from unknown brands, and remember to keep washing those hands! 🙌

More information If you want to dig deeper into the cantaloupe saga, the CDC has more on salmonella.

Source: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, news release, November 30, 2023

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