Best Personalized Vitamin Subscriptions of 2022

Best Personalized Vitamin Subscriptions of 2022

The Best Personalized Vitamin Subscriptions of 2022: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Health

Personalized Vitamins


Choosing the right supplements can be overwhelming with the vast array of options available on store shelves. The constant debate around multivitamins further adds to the confusion. But fear not! Personalized vitamin services have come to the rescue. These services offer a solution by recommending supplements based on your specific needs and conveniently delivering them straight to your door. Let’s dive into the world of personalized vitamin subscriptions and explore the best options for 2022.

How We Vet Brands and Products

At HealthyGrown, we take your health seriously and only recommend brands and products that meet our high standards. Our team conducts thorough research and evaluation to ensure safety and efficacy. We evaluate ingredients and composition, fact-check health claims, and assess the brand’s integrity and adherence to industry best practices. Rest assured that our vetting process allows you to find trusted products for your health and wellness.

The Dilemma of Choosing Supplements

It can be quite comical to navigate the overwhelming selection of supplements while teetering between conflicting opinions. The age-old debate of “Multivitamins good! Multivitamins bad!” often leaves us feeling like we’re just creating “expensive pee.” However, personalized vitamin services offer an innovative solution to this dilemma. By taking a company’s quiz, you can receive supplement recommendations tailored to your specific needs, and they even conveniently ship them to your door each month. It’s like sticking a fork in it and calling it done.

So, without further ado, here are our favorite personalized vitamin subscriptions of 2022.

A Quick Look at the Best Personalized Vitamins

  • Best daily vitamin packs: Care/of
  • Best for women: Hum Nutrition
  • Best for men: Ritual
  • Best prenatal: Perelel
  • Best prepackaged: Persona Nutrition
  • Best budget option: Nurish by Nature Made
  • Best for accuracy: Viome
  • Best for athletes: Gainful
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How We Chose the Best Personalized Vitamin Subscriptions

To ensure we selected the best personalized vitamin subscriptions, we consulted with Trista Best, RD, of Balance One Supplements. Trista provided valuable insights into the benefits of personalized vitamin subscriptions and what to consider when choosing one. Based on her advice, we established criteria to narrow down the list of the best services available.

  • Thorough assessment: Each service should ask detailed questions about your health, habits, diet, and concerns to provide tailored recommendations.
  • Reputable manufacturing practices: Look for certifications such as GMP-certification and third-party testing from organizations like U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) or NSF to ensure quality and safety.
  • Vetted products only: We conducted rigorous vetting to ensure that the products met our standards and were transparent about ingredients, dosage information, and didn’t make unsupported health claims.

Only the HealthyGrown: The 8 Best Personalized Vitamin Subscriptions

Best Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs: Care/of

  • Price: $5 to $35 per product
  • Products offered: multivitamins, letter vitamins, prenatal vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, collagen powder, protein powder, electrolyte powder, and other specialty powders and formulas

Care/of is a well-known personalized vitamin service that offers a comprehensive range of supplements. Their personalized health quiz provides recommendations, and you’ll receive a daily vitamin pack with your name on it, adding a touch of personalization.

The brand not only offers the essentials but also provides additional supplements like antioxidants, collagen powder, protein powder, electrolytes, and even creatine. Care/of’s research library is robust, providing summaries of existing research and traditional uses of herbs and nutrients. The best part is that anyone can access it on their website without making a purchase.

While most reviewers are pleased with the service, some have reported inconsistent shipping or receiving too many supplement pills per day. However, the flexibility of choosing your supplements ensures that you only order what you believe is necessary.

Pros: – Convenient daily packs – Wide variety of products – Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility

Cons: – Can be expensive – May involve taking multiple supplements daily – Inconsistent shipping – Not third-party tested

Best Personalized Vitamin Subscription for Women: Hum Nutrition

  • Price range: $10 to $60 per product
  • Products offered: goal-based multivitamin formulas, prenatal vitamins, protein powder, superfood powder, dissolvable collagen tablets
Hum Nutrition

Hum Nutrition stands out as the best option for women, offering personalized formulas for various health goals and life stages. Their online quiz provides recommendations, and you also gain access to a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) who can answer your questions and provide supplement advice.

Hum’s female-specific formulas cater to all stages of life, such as hair/skin/nails support, menopause management, PMS relief, digestion aid, weight management, immunity boost, sleep improvement, energy enhancement, stress/mood relief, and heart/brain/bone health.

The brand also provides a personalized health report with helpful insights into your quiz results. Although the quiz isn’t overly extensive, it offers fun insights into how your diet or lifestyle may impact your health.

Many customers rave about Hum’s products, with Flatter Me being particularly popular due to its digestive enzyme ingredients like peppermint and ginger.

Pros: – Wide selection of goal-based formulas for women – Access to an RDN – 15% discount available for purchasing 3 months at a time – Third-party tested and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility

Cons: – Expensive, using bottles instead of daily packs – Free shipping requires a minimum spend of $50

Best Personalized Vitamin Subscription for Men: Ritual

  • Price range: $30 to $85 per product
  • Products offered: multivitamins, protein powder, probiotics

Ritual is a popular subscription vitamin service that offers customized products based on sex, age, and life stage, catering specifically to men’s nutritional needs. Their multivitamins come in two variations: 18+ and 50+ formulas. Additionally, they provide protein powders and probiotics.

Ritual’s multivitamins contain a focused selection of essential nutrients for men’s health, ensuring optimal vitamin intake with just two capsules. Omega-3s are also included for heart and brain health.

The brand’s protein powders are plant-based and fortified with essential amino acids to offer a complete protein source.

Ritual receives high praise from many consumers, although some mention the mint flavor of the capsules and the occasional fishy burps from the omega-3s.

Pros: – Multivitamins, protein powders, and probiotics formulated for men – Only 2 capsules per day – Manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility and third-party tested – Vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, major allergen-free

Cons: – Supplements not customized to you

Best Personalized Prenatal Vitamin: Perelel

  • Price range: $18 to $48 per product
  • Products offered: pre-conception vitamins, prenatal vitamins, postnatal vitamins, iron, probiotics, libido support, men’s multivitamin

Perelel specializes in prenatal and postnatal vitamin subscriptions, offering comprehensive formulas tailored to each trimester and postpartum needs. Each pack contains extra capsules with vitamins and supplements that provide added support specific to that stage.

By inputting your due date or indicating whether you’re trying to conceive or already postpartum, Perelel recommends the appropriate pack for you. Additional options include extra iron or probiotics for gut health. They even have a men’s multivitamin with added CoQ10 for improved sperm quality.

Pros: – Prenatal and postnatal vitamins customized by trimester – Prenatal vitamins for men – Third-party tested and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility – Non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free

Cons: – Supplements not customized to you – Requires taking 5 pills per day

Best Personalized Prepackaged Vitamins: Persona

  • Price: $10 to $83.99 per product
  • Products offered: multivitamins, letter vitamins, minerals, prenatal vitamins, herbs, probiotics, collagen, CBD, and other specialty formulas

Persona Nutrition stands out with its extensive selection of 85 unique vitamin supplements. The service offers two approaches: creating custom vitamin packs based on your quiz results or choosing from their prepackaged options.

For those who prefer an easy and straightforward experience, Persona’s premade packs include options like Women’s Ultra, Men’s Ultra, Glo Getter, Relax Adult, Immune Support, and Everyday Teen. The brand also provides paying members access to a dietitian or health coach for one-on-one consults.

However, reviewers note that canceling the subscription can be challenging, and the premade packs may come with a higher price tag.

Pros: – Offers easy prepackaged options – Huge variety of products – Daily vitamin packs – Manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility – Vegan and free of dairy, gluten, and major allergens

Cons: – Difficult to cancel – Not third-party tested

Best Budget Personalized Vitamin Subscription: Nurish by Nature Made

  • Price: $4 to $15 per product
  • Products offered: multivitamins, letter vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, and other specialty formulas
Nurish by Nature Made

Nurish by Nature Made offers an affordable personalized vitamin service. As a part of the well-known Nature Made supplement brand, Nurish provides personalized daily vitamin packs using their trusted products.

While Nature Made is generally more budget-friendly, customers should be aware that some formulations may contain fillers or additives. For example, their use of cyanocobalamin (a form of vitamin B12) may not be as bioavailable as other forms. However, many of Nature Made’s products are USP-verified, ensuring ingredient accuracy and absence of harmful contaminants.

Nurish makes personalized vitamin packs accessible to a wide range of people, allowing you to receive the benefits of a tailored supplement regimen without breaking the bank.

Pros: – Inexpensive – Daily vitamin packs – Third-party tested and USP-verified – Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility

Cons: – Contains less bioavailable forms of some nutrients

Best Custom Personalized Vitamin Subscription: Viome

  • Price: $59.95/month (stool test only), $199/month (stool + blood test)
  • Products offered: vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, food extracts, probiotics

Viome offers a highly personalized approach by utilizing comprehensive blood and stool testing. For a higher cost, you receive a blood test and stool test to assess your nutrient levels and health indicators. This allows Viome to create a completely custom supplement blend for you. The testing process is repeated every six months to continuously update your formulation and track improvements.

The drawback is that Viome’s Precision Supplements come in daily sachets, containing eight pills per day, along with a probiotic and prebiotic powder. This may be overwhelming for some users, but the individualized approach yields positive results, making it a worthwhile investment for many.

Pros: – Highly customized with blood and stool testing – Regular retesting to update vitamin formulation – Detailed reports – Third-party tested

Cons: – Expensive – Requires taking eight pills plus a powder pack daily – Supplements cannot be individually selected

Best Personalized Vitamin Subscription for Athletes: Gainful

  • Price: $26 to $45
  • Products offered: protein powder, pre-workout, electrolytes, fiber, collagen, creatine

For athletes looking for supplements specifically tailored to support their physical performance, Gainful is an excellent option. While not offering vitamin packs, Gainful provides personalized protein powders, pre-workout supplements, and electrolyte mixes to fuel activity and aid in recovery. Additional optional add-ons include creatine, fiber, and collagen.

Gainful takes into account your diet and goals to create a customized formula. Whether you’re a weightlifter on a keto diet or a vegan runner, Gainful provides the supplements best suited to your needs. Plus, you have access to the company’s dietitians for advice and support.

Customers widely appreciate Gainful’s products, though some have mentioned slower shipping times.

Pros: – Custom sport supplements – Access to a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) – Manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility

Cons: – Slow shipping – Doesn’t supplement all nutrition needs

Is Personalized Supplements Worth It?

You may wonder if personalized vitamin subscriptions are worth the investment. Let’s consider the pros and cons:

Pros: – Supplements targeted to your specific needs and goals – Convenience of daily vitamin packs or auto-shipped orders – Access to health experts like dietitians and nurses through some services

Cons: – Can be expensive – Potential difficulty canceling subscriptions – Questionable accuracy of online test results – May involve taking numerous pills daily

In summary, personalized vitamin subscriptions offer convenience and targeted supplementation. However, online quiz results should be taken with a grain of salt, and consultations with healthcare professionals are encouraged before starting any new supplement regimen.

Choosing the Best Personalized Vitamin Subscription for You

To choose the best subscription service for your needs, consider the following factors:

  • Type of assessment: Some companies use online quizzes, while others offer comprehensive lab testing. Decide whether you prefer a more personalized approach.
  • Access to experts: Look for services that provide access to dietitians or other healthcare professionals for personalized support.
  • Goals: Consider your specific health goals when choosing a service. Some may cater to beauty-related goals, while others focus on overall health or specific conditions.
  • Price: Depending on your budget, factor in the cost and value offered by each service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are personalized vitamins worth it? Yes, personalized vitamin subscriptions can simplify your supplement routine and provide tailored recommendations. They offer convenience, access to specialized formulas, and sometimes expert support.

Can I customize a multivitamin? Yes, many personalized vitamin services offer the option to customize multivitamins according to your specific needs. You can choose additional supplements based on quiz results.

Who should use personalized vitamins? Personalized vitamin subscriptions are beneficial, especially for individuals with specific dietary patterns or health needs. They can provide the necessary nutrients that may be lacking in your diet.

Do doctors recommend personalized vitamin subscriptions? The recommendation may vary depending on the healthcare professional. While vitamins tend to have low risks, it’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplements.

How do companies determine what vitamins I need? Most companies utilize online quizzes that consider various aspects, including your current health, health goals, and health concerns. Some services go further, incorporating comprehensive testing to recommend more precise supplements.

Can I get the same vitamins cheaper elsewhere? Possibly. While personalized vitamin subscriptions offer convenience, you can still use their assessments and free reports to guide your purchases elsewhere. Keep in mind that you may miss out on some perks and the subscription model.

The Bottom Line

Personalized vitamin subscriptions provide clarity on which supplements to take and offer the convenience of daily vitamin packs or automatic shipments. While online quizzes have limitations, many reputable brands deliver quality products and often offer expert support. Remember to consult with healthcare professionals to ensure the best outcomes for your health.

Note: This article was written by a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) with insights from another RDN. We thoroughly vetted and reviewed the products mentioned in this article to ensure they meet our standards. Furthermore, we had a third medical professional review the entire article to provide additional oversight.