The Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers with Back Pain

Top-Tested Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers with Back Pain Relief

Top Mattresses for 2024 Ideal for Stomach Sleeping with Back Pain

Ah, the struggle of finding the perfect sleep position! As a medical care, dietary health, and mental health expert, I understand that sometimes you just like to sleep in the position that feels most comfortable for you, even if it’s on your stomach. However, sleeping on your stomach can lead to neck, back, and hip pain. But fear not, my dear stomach sleepers with back pain! I have gathered a list of the best mattresses that provide the support you need to snooze peacefully. 💤

What’s the best overall mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain?

Our team of sleep experts has put numerous mattresses to the test, considering firmness levels and the support they offer to alleviate back pain for stomach sleepers. After careful consideration, we have crowned the Saatva Rx mattress as the best overall choice. This mattress provides the optimal firmness and support you need to wake up pain-free.

Watch CNET video producer Owen Poole review the best firm mattresses. 👇😄

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Best mattresses for stomach sleepers with back pain

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s take a look at a handy comparison table of some top mattresses for stomach sleepers like yourself. Prices may vary, so keep that in mind. 💲

Mattress Mattress Type Price (Queen MSRP) Sleep Trial Warranty
Saatva Rx Hybrid $3,295 365 nights Lifetime warranty
Nectar Memory foam $1,099 365 nights Forever warranty
Purple Restore Hybrid Hyper-Elastic Polymer hybrid $2,399 100 nights 10-year warranty
Leesa Legend Hybrid $2,599 100 nights 10-year limited warranty
Plank Luxe Hybrid $1,532 120 nights 10-year warranty
WinkBed Hybrid $1,799 120 nights Lifetime warranty

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Other mattresses we’ve tested

In addition to our top pick, we’ve also tested some other mattresses that stomach sleepers with back pain might find appealing:

  • Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress: This dependable and durable hybrid mattress offers three different firmness options and is excellent value for money. Stomach sleepers should opt for firmer options for adequate support.

  • Loom & Leaf mattress: From Saatva, this mattress is perfect for memory foam enthusiasts who seek the cooling benefits of gel foam. Both the relaxed firm and firm options provide the necessary support for stomach sleepers.

How we tested the best mattresses

Our experienced sleep team has collectively tested over 200 mattresses, allowing us to develop reliable testing methodologies. When curating this list, we paid special attention to the needs of stomach sleepers with back pain. We evaluated each mattress based on its feel, firmness, and performance in key areas such as motion isolation, edge support, and temperature regulation. We also considered the mattress’s composition and hypothesized its longevity and suitability for different individuals. To learn more about our testing process, check out our mattress testing process article.

Things to consider when shopping for a mattress for back pain as a stomach sleeper

Choosing a mattress can be a daunting process, especially with the plethora of options and conflicting recommendations out there. To help narrow down your search, consider the following factors:

Source of your back pain

Before purchasing a new mattress, it’s important to identify the source of your back pain. It could potentially be caused by your current old and sagging mattress. However, if the pain stems from another source, it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional before making any decisions.

Your body needs

Stomach sleepers, both men and women, should prioritize a mattress that provides firmness to keep the spine aligned properly. However, women who sleep completely flat on their stomachs might want to steer clear of the firmest options to avoid chest discomfort. A memory foam mattress that contours to your body shape may be a viable alternative. Ultimately, choose what feels comfortable for your body.

Your body type

Your weight plays a role in how a mattress feels to you. Heavier individuals (over 230 pounds) will exert more pressure on a mattress, causing it to feel softer. On the other hand, those with petite body types (under 150 pounds) might perceive mattresses as firmer. Additionally, your body type can help determine the type of mattress suitable for you. While all-foam mattresses can suffice for lighter individuals, we highly recommend hybrid mattresses for heavier individuals as they offer enhanced durability and support.

Your budget

Lastly, consider your budget when searching for a mattress that suits your needs. Mattresses are an investment, and it’s crucial to find the right balance between quality and affordability. Luckily, there are options available for every budget, ranging from under $300 to well over $2,000.

Now armed with this valuable information, you can make an informed decision when choosing the best mattress for your needs as a stomach sleeper with back pain. Sleep tight and wake up refreshed! 😴💪

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Keep this article handy when you’re ready to make that dreamy mattress purchase and share it with your fellow stomach sleepers! Remember, a good night’s sleep is just a mattress away. 😊

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