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Top Full Mattress for 2024

Would you believe that choosing a mattress is as complex as navigating a corn maze while blindfolded? Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it does require some careful consideration. With so many options available, from soft to firm, foam to hybrid, and back sleeper to stomach sleeper, it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, the experts at CNET have spent years testing mattresses to make your decision easier. So, put on your sleep detective hat and let’s explore the world of full mattresses together!

What is the Best Full Mattress?

🏆 The Layla Hybrid mattress takes the crown as our top pick for the best full mattress. This impressive mattress boasts a soft cover and multiple layers, including copper-infused gel memory foam, support foam, and individually wrapped coils. The copper-gel memory foam helps regulate your body temperature while the coils minimize motion transfer. Plus, here’s the cherry on top: it’s flippable! One side is soft, and the other is firm. It’s like having two mattresses in one! 🛌🎉

Best Full Mattresses of 2024

Before we dive deeper into the wonderful world of mattresses, why not take a moment to watch CNET video producer Owen Poole’s review of the best full-size mattresses for 2024? Click here to see Owen in action!

Now, let’s explore some more fantastic options for your slumber sanctuary:

  1. 🌬️ Puffy Lux Mattress: Side sleepers, rejoice! The Puffy Lux mattress offers a thick and luxurious feel that gently cradles your body. Its memory foam is light and airy, providing a medium-soft level of comfort. It’s like sleeping on a cloud! ☁️

  2. 💰 Allswell Mattress: Looking for a budget-friendly option? Look no further than the Allswell mattress. This wallet-friendly bed-in-a-box model from Walmart offers excellent value. It falls on the medium-firm side of the spectrum, perfect for a restful night’s sleep without breaking the bank. 💸

  3. ☁️ Tuft & Needle Mattress: Sometimes simplicity is all you need. The Tuft & Needle mattress is a straightforward two-layer foam mattress. It’s an excellent option for kids, college students, or anyone looking to save some money. With a neutral-foam feel, it’s as universally appealing as a cute puppy or a delicious slice of pizza! 🐶🍕

What to Consider When Buying a Full Mattress

Now that you have a taste of the best full mattresses out there, let’s talk about the key factors to keep in mind when making your decision:


Your firmness preference depends on your body type. Petite and average-weight sleepers will find a mattress to be firmer due to less pressure exerted on it. On the other hand, heavier sleepers may find the same mattress to be softer. A medium firmness level typically caters to the needs of most average sleepers. Find the Goldilocks zone that’s just right for you. 🐻🌟


If you deal with back pain or need extra support, choose a mattress that offers optimal support. Hybrid mattresses, which combine foam and coils, provide better support than memory foam mattresses alone. However, petite and average-size sleepers can still find memory foam mattresses to be supportive. For heavyweight sleepers, consider a hybrid or innerspring mattress for that extra support. 🤗💪

Edge Support

Nobody wants to feel like they’re going to tumble off the edge of their bed. Adequate edge support ensures that won’t happen. Sit on the edge of the mattress and test its support. If it feels sturdy, you can sleep (or sit) easy knowing you won’t take a midnight roll onto the floor. 🛏️😴

How We Tested the Best Full Mattresses

You’re probably wondering how we determined our top picks. Well, our CNET Sleep editors are passionate about their slumber science! They’ve meticulously tested each mattress based on factors such as firmness, feel, construction, performance, price, cooling properties, and warranty information. We even checked the strength of the mattress edges by sitting and lying on them and assessed motion transfer by rolling across the mattress with a glass of water on the edge. We take our mattress testing seriously! 💤🔬

Remember, the mattresses we’ve featured here are just the tip of the iceberg. Our Sleep editors have reviewed over 100 other beds, making the task of narrowing down the top favorites quite challenging. So, do your research, compare options, and find the perfect mattress to whisk you off to dreamland.

And hey, if you decide to try one of our recommended mattresses, share your experience with us on social media! We love hearing about your sleep adventures. 😴✨

Q&A Content:

Q: How often should I replace my full mattress?

A: It’s like bidding farewell to an old friend, but mattresses don’t last forever. On average, you should consider replacing your mattress every 7-10 years. However, factors like mattress quality, usage, and your personal comfort can influence this timeline. If you’re waking up with aches and pains or feeling less rested despite getting enough sleep, it might be time to bid adieu to your current mattress and welcome a new one into your life.

Q: Can a good mattress improve my sleep quality?

A: Absolutely! A good mattress plays a significant role in your sleep quality. It provides the right support and comfort, allowing you to experience a night of undisturbed slumber. Research has shown that a comfortable and supportive mattress can alleviate back pain, reduce sleep disturbances, and even improve overall sleep quality. So, choose wisely, and say hello to dreamy nights and energized mornings!

Q: What if I have specific health conditions or preferences?

A: If you have specific health conditions, such as chronic pain or allergies, or unique preferences like wanting an eco-friendly mattress, you’re in luck! The mattress industry has evolved to cater to a wide range of needs. You can find mattresses designed for pressure relief, temperature regulation, hypoallergenic materials, and more. Consider your specific requirements and reach out to mattress manufacturers or speak with a sleep expert to find the perfect match for your needs.

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