The Bear Original Mattress: A Revolutionary Sleep Experience 🐻💤

My Unbiased Review of Bear's Popular Bed-in-a-Box Mattress with a Sleep-Enhancing Cover

Bear Original Mattress Review | Pros and Cons (2024)

Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep? Are you tired of tossing and turning on an uncomfortable mattress? Look no further! The Bear Original mattress is here to revolutionize your sleep experience. In this article, we’ll explore the unique features and benefits of the Bear Original mattress, delve into the science behind its Celliant-infused cover, and provide insights on its firmness, construction, and performance. Get ready for a comfier and more restful night’s sleep with the Bear Original mattress! 😴✨

First Impressions: The Power of Celliant 💪🔥

The Bear Original mattress stands out from the competition due to its special Celliant-infused cover. But what exactly is Celliant? It’s a proprietary textile that contains 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into fibers. These minerals absorb your body heat, convert it into infrared energy, and transmit it back to your body. 🌡️🔄 This innovative technology is designed to enhance the body’s restoration and muscle recovery processes, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized when you wake up.

While I can’t measure the direct impact of the Celliant cover on daily performance, there’s no harm in having this feature. In fact, many users, including a gym junkie boss of mine, swear by its benefits. 🏋️‍♀️ So, why not give it a try?

The Marvelous Balance of Comfort and Responsiveness ⚖️

The Bear Original mattress is not your average memory foam mattress. Unlike other popular foam mattress brands, such as Nectar or Amerisleep, the Bear Original has a unique feel. It combines the molding and hugging characteristics of memory foam with quicker response times. It bounces back to its normal position more efficiently, making it easier to switch positions. No more feeling like you’re sinking into the mattress when you want to change sides! 🛏️🏃‍♀️

A Deeper Insight: Bear Original Mattress Firmness and Feel 🛠️

What does the Bear mattress feel like? 💭

Picture yourself snuggling into the cozy and cuddly embrace of a real bear. That’s how the Bear Original mattress feels! 🐻😍 It doesn’t have the typical syrupy feeling that can sometimes come with memory foam. Instead, it combines memory foam with neutral foam to create a balanced, comfortable experience. The responsive feel of this mattress appeals to those who may not be fans of traditional memory foam.

How firm is the Bear mattress? 🤔

The Bear Original mattress falls slightly on the firmer side, but it’s still in the moderate range. On a firmness scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest, we’d rate it around a 6. It provides excellent spinal and back support when lying on your stomach or back, preventing lower back sagging. When you’re on your side, it gently hugs your hips and shoulders. However, if you spend most of your night on your side, especially if you weigh under 150 pounds, you may need a mattress with more give under your hips and shoulders. Check out our list of the best mattresses for side sleepers for more options. 💤🛌

The Bear’s Layers of Comfort and Support ✨🏋️‍♂️

The Bear Original mattress stands tall at 10 inches and consists of three foam layers. Let’s take a closer look at each layer’s role:

  1. Firm Base Layer: This thick layer of firm, dense foam acts as the bed’s supportive base, keeping you from sagging into the mattress.
  2. Transition Foam: The second layer adds comfort and prevents you from feeling the firmness of the bottom layer. It also helps neutralize the memory foam’s characteristics.
  3. Graphite-Gel Memory Foam: The third layer, infused with graphite, provides the majority of the mattress’s comfort. The graphite helps absorb your body heat and promotes a more comfortable sleeping environment.
  4. Celliant-Infused Cover: Finally, the Celliant-infused cover enhances your sleep experience, aiding in the body’s recovery process. Although you can’t physically see the Celliant, the cover’s distinctive hexagonal textured pattern adds a touch of style to your mattress. 😎✨

Performance Insights: Motion Isolation, Edge Support, and Temperature ☁️❄️

Motion Isolation: A Peaceful Sleep Experience 😴

Nobody wants a shaky, noisy mattress that disrupts your sleep whenever your partner moves. Thankfully, the Bear Original mattress excels in motion isolation. Its memory foam composition absorbs movement, ensuring you’re not jolted awake. No more disturbances during your slumber!

Edge Support: Where Comfort Meets Stability 🪜💪

While the Bear Original mattress provides solid edge support for the majority of sleepers, there is some give when lying or sitting on the edge. This is typical for all-foam mattresses and shouldn’t be a concern unless you weigh over 230 pounds. For most individuals, the edge support is ample, leaving you feeling comfortably supported during every minute you spend on your mattress.

Temperature: A Cool and Comfortable Sleep 😌❄️

Bear claims that the graphite gel in the memory foam top layer provides cooling relief. However, it doesn’t necessarily result in a “cold” sleeping experience. While lying on the bed, I didn’t feel an immediate cooling sensation. However, the Bear Original mattress definitely helps prevent overheating, which is usually a concern with traditional memory foam beds. In summary, it’s a temperature-neutral mattress, ensuring you won’t be sweating through your sheets during the night!

Who Is the Bear Mattress Perfect For? 🎯👥

The Bear Original mattress may not be an ideal fit for everyone. Your purchase decision should depend on your primary sleeping position and body type. Let’s dive into the specifics:

Sleeping Position: Is It Your Perfect Match? 😴💤

  • Back, Stomach, and Combination Sleepers: If you primarily sleep in these positions, the Bear Original mattress is a great choice. Its accommodating firmness level offers excellent spinal support and prevents back sagging.
  • Side Sleepers: Most average-weight side sleepers will find this mattress comfortable. However, if you prefer a softer feel, the firmness profile may not be ideal. Check out our list of the best soft mattresses for other options.

Body Type: The Perfect Support For You 🏋️‍♀️📏

  • Under 230 Pounds: The Bear Original mattress is well-suited for individuals with weights under 230 pounds. Its foam construction provides the right balance of support and durability.
  • Over 230 Pounds: If you weigh over 230 pounds and are willing to invest in a mattress, we recommend the Bear Hybrid mattress or one from our list of the best mattresses for heavy people. These options offer added support with steel coils while maintaining the Celliant cover and a comfortable, neutral feel.

Affordable Luxury: Bear Original Mattress Pricing 💰💤

Now that we’ve covered all the amazing aspects of the Bear Original mattress, it’s time to address the cost. You might expect the Celliant-infused cover to rack up the price, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The Bear Original mattress offers excellent value for its features!

Bear Original Mattress Pricing:

  • Twin: 38 x 75 in, $898
  • Twin XL: 38 x 80 in, $961
  • Full: 54 x 74 in, $1,023
  • Queen: 60 x 80 in, $1,198
  • King: 76 x 80 in, $1,498
  • Cal King: 72 x 84 in, $1,498

The Queen size Bear Original mattress starts at $1,198, and you can often find it even cheaper during promotions or events like Cyber Monday. Take advantage of these discounts to invest in a quality, affordable mattress that improves your sleep quality. 💸

Shipping, Trial, and Warranty: Peace of Mind Guaranteed 🚚💯

The Bear Original mattress comes with the standard company policies common among online mattress brands:

  • Free shipping and returns
  • 120-night risk-free trial
  • Lifetime warranty

Your new mattress will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep in a compact box. The only downside is that you might experience an initial smell when unboxing it. This odor is similar to the inside of a new car but should fade within a few days. If you prefer an odorless alternative, you might consider checking out certified natural and organic mattresses. 🌿🌱

Who Will Fall in Love With the Bear Mattress? ❤️🛏️

While Bear may not be as well-known as big mattress names like Casper or Purple, the Bear Original mattress is a hidden gem. It offers a firmness level suitable for various sleeping positions, a comfortable feel, and the added benefit of the Celliant-infused cover. The best part? It’s surprisingly affordable! 🌟

You might love the Bear mattress if:

  • You’re an athlete or work out frequently (Celliant technology aids in muscle recovery).
  • You weigh under 230 pounds.
  • You enjoy the hugging and contouring feel of memory foam.
  • You’re looking for a good value, not just the cheapest option.

You might not love the Bear mattress if:

  • Your budget is under $500.
  • You’re a strict side sleeper who prefers a softer mattress.
  • You weigh over 230 pounds.

Other Mattresses from Bear: A Range of Choices 🐻🆚

Bear offers more than just the Original mattress. Here’s a glimpse into their other mattress options:

Bear Pro: The Bear Pro mattress is an all-foam mattress with copper-infused polyfoam and gel memory foam layers. It boasts Bear’s signature Celliant cover, regulates body temperature, and aids in the natural recovery process after physical activity. It’s the perfect choice for side and back sleepers.

Bear Hybrid: The Bear Hybrid combines the luxurious feel of high-end hotels with the comfort and support you need. It features a fluffy pillow top for added comfort and supportive pocketed coils for optimal sleep. Of course, the Celliant cover is a standard feature in this model. It’s a mattress anyone can enjoy! 😄✨

Bear Mattress FAQs Answered: Your Lingering Questions Addressed 🤔📚

Q: How does the Bear mattress compare to other brands like Casper or Purple? A: While the Bear Original mattress and well-established brands like Casper and Purple share similarities, key differences set them apart. The Bear mattress has a classic memory foam feel without the sensation of getting stuck. Meanwhile, the Casper mattress has a unique foam feel and incorporates zoned support. Each mattress has its own standout features!

Q: How does the Bear mattress compare to the Nectar mattress? A: Both the Bear Original and Nectar mattresses are popular options for all-foam mattress seekers. However, differences exist in terms of firmness and pricing. The Bear Original mattress is slightly softer and generally more affordable than the Nectar mattress. Consider your personal preferences and budget when making this choice.

Discover the Magic of the Bear Original Mattress Today! 🌟💤

Are you ready to upgrade your sleep game? The Bear Original mattress offers a unique sleep experience with its Celliant-infused cover, balanced comfort and responsiveness, and numerous benefits. It’s time to bid farewell to sleepless nights and discomfort. Embrace a new world of quality sleep! 😴✨

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Now it’s your turn to experience the Bear Original mattress magic! Share your thoughts and spread the word on social media. Hashtag #BearOriginalDreams and let us know how this mattress has transformed your sleep experience! 😍💤