Can Statin Save the Day Against COVID-19? Not So Fast, Vitamin C!

Study Finds Statin Effective Against Severe COVID, But Vitamin C May Not Be Equally Effective

Study finds statin effective against severe COVID, while vitamin C is not.

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Clinical trials exploring the potential use of two widely available treatments, vitamin C and the statin drug simvastatin, in critically ill COVID patients have delivered surprising results. While simvastatin demonstrated an impressive 96% likelihood of improving outcomes and a 92% chance of enhancing survival at three months, vitamin C, on the other hand, was found to be ineffective and may even be harmful.

“These results are truly encouraging as they have shown that treatment with simvastatin is highly likely to improve outcomes in critically ill COVID patients,” exclaimed Danny McAuley, lead investigator for the simvastatin arm of REMAP-CAP, the ongoing trial responsible for the study. Simvastatin, a readily available and inexpensive drug, was calculated to save about one life for every 33 patients.

In contrast, the study on vitamin C, which combined the REMAP-CAP trial with another investigation known as LOVIT-COVID, showed that high doses of the vitamin were ineffective and potentially harmful. Co-lead investigator Dr. Neill Adhikari strongly emphasized the need to abandon the use of vitamin C in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

But let’s not lose hope. The encouraging findings from the simvastatin study are expected to significantly improve the treatment of COVID patients worldwide. Dr. François Lamontagne, co-lead investigator from the University of Sherbrooke, highlighted the importance of identifying and discarding ineffective interventions to protect patients’ health and finances.

REMAP-CAP, which has been diligently exploring various treatment options for respiratory tract infections since March 2020, continues to evaluate multiple interventions for COVID, influenza, and other severe respiratory infections. Its ability to efficiently evaluate multiple interventions, as demonstrated by the simultaneous publication of these vitamin C and simvastatin results, has been widely applauded within the medical community.

In conclusion, while simvastatin shows promise in the fight against COVID-19, vitamin C may not be the superhero we had hoped for. It’s essential to stay informed and rely on evidence-based treatments to ensure the best care for patients. Together, we can overcome this pandemic and pave the way for a healthier future.

Source: Global Coalition for Adaptive Research, news release, Oct. 25, 2023

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